Thursday, 12 July 2012

"How Cool Is That?"

Fallen Hummingbird Nest
Lately, taking photos of my creatures has been near to impossible.  They move with lightning speed, even though I ask them to wait just for a few seconds.  Do I dash for the cameras or do I stop and soak up the moment?  Yes, my eyes will remember. 

This spring and summer we witnessed a river otter run through the property.  'What you say..a river otter!'   Oh yes.  I am almost certain someone around here has or rather had, a pond with fish. A belly full of lunch without much labour, other than  walking half a kilometre on land then back to the sea.  Seems like a lot of work to me.  "How Cool Is That?"

 Yesterday, a pod of 4 Orcas.  'What you say...Orcas?' Oh yes! 4 Killer Whales. We watched until the last dorsal fin blended in with the heat waves of the distance.  These events simply take my breath away.  "How Cool Is That?"

I have also see one Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.  What you say...'a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly!   Be still my beating heart.'  Usually I see the Western Tiger Swallowtails.  Oh goodness the Canadian is so large and gorgeous.  "How Cool Is That?"

Lately, I have taken to stealing snippets of words from friends, using these little phrases then passing them along in my everyday conversations.  All words of wisdom, at least in my little world.   One such saying is: "How Cool Is That?" Now, I pass that on to you.

The chances of me finding this fallen hummingbird nest was extremely slim.  It blended in with the  moss on the forest floor.  As you know, the nests are built largely of spider silk, they expand with the growth of the babies.  A spider silk cap on top to keep the eggs warm as mom forages for food.  This nest was never used.  No eggs, no expansion.  I think it was not strongly secured to the branch and when we had a mini storm, it was dislodged.  It is my treasure now.  

I spend hours at the window watching 3 species of hummers at the feeder, then this moment happened.  A fledgling watching, now learning, at my feeder.
"How Cool Is That?"

Rufous Hummingbird and Fledgling


Cristeen said...

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Marc Zee said...

I have a lot of those "How cool is that" moments as well, luckily with the advent of camera phones I am now able to catch at least a portion of them. The four Orcas must have been quite the sight; at times like those, I may just want to enjoy the scene and not try to fumble around with a camera though.
Great find with the hummingbird nest, that is so cool.
Love the article. My name is Marc, and in addition to my affinity for on the go photography and travel, I also work for Bescover -- where we love all things B&B! It's truly a privilege being a part of your online community.